Chrome will Soon Feature To Mute Irritatingly Noisy Websites Permanently

Noisy websites has became a headache now-a-days,to overcome this problem Google Chrome is taking efforts.Chrome are testing a new option that will let users to permanently mute a website within the browser.

It is very easy to use, you just have to click in the security status which is located in the left of the website address, and then the option of mute sits on the list of details and permissions.The mute option stays until the settings is changed from manually which makes a perfect sound ban on the site.However, this feature is firstly introduced by the Google Chrome but from this test rollout,it could spur other browser to follow the same.

This kind of feature will discourage the publishers from autoplaying the videos with sound for the fear that their websites will be muted forever.This feature is a win for us all as this will less one annoying thing in the internet.

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