India May Ban UC Browser

   UC browser is the most popular browser in India.The browser is owned by Chinese internet King Alibaba.In the investigations done by the government it was found that the data of all Indians is tranfered to the servers of China.The Chinese are alleged of data thefts by the Indian Government.If found guilty than UC web will be banned in India.

   The browser company claimed that they have around more than 100 million users from India itself and globally it has a user base of 420 millions.According to a survey it has been proven that the second most used browser is UC browser after Google Chrome.

   According to a UC browser spokesperson,they take security of their users very seriously and added that to provide better service the data is to be saved in many places around the globe but they will not break trust of their users.The company officials also defended the company by saying that the data is protected and will not get into wrong hands.But being suspicious,the government will look into the matter and will investigate more to conclude the result for banning the web browser or not.

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