A plan to reduce Android craze

   In  today's life an average person spends 5 hours on mobile phone. And 85% of the mobile phones are Andoid based operating system. Android's co-founder (Mr .Andy Rubin) has decided to change the way of interaction with our devices. He is working on how to reduce out tendency of checking our mobiles every 5 minutes.He has also stated that many teenagers are now getting mentally diverted just because of the Android devices. Many parents give priority to their gadgets and neglect their kids.

   Mr. Rubin has been in the mobile game for almost 20 years. He spearheaded development of a handset called the Sidekick that has a big screen, full physical keyboard and ran apps.He started creating a mobile software called Andoid which he sold in 2005 to Google.

  Essential's first gadget launched last week which is an anomaly.According to Rubin, this phone has a virtual version of you, which will solve some of the notifications and will display only some important notifications according to the time and place of person.This phone basically has artificial intelligence which can make change in Android revolution.

 SOURCE : ProvidenceJournal 

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