PUBG's Daily Playtime is more than any other Non-Valve Game on Steam

PlayerUnknown's Battleground recently gained a lot of attention and become a popular non-valve game on steam.It recently sold millions of copies despite being early access and hit milestone.This game is beating other non-valve games on steam in terms of daily time spend on Steam.A new report shows that it is becoming popular day-by-day.

Over 10 million PUBG players on steam are logging in some daily playtime. According to the survey held recently it shows that Battlegroundbeats the likes of GTA5 and Fallout 4 on steam.The no.of players getting addicted to this new game.There is hike in the players playing daily and the players falling in game are very few as compared.

According to the reports of late last month, there were around 877,844 concurrent players on steam of Battlegrounds itself, beating long time favourite game Dota 2.This fresh game also eats the most audience of Counter Strike:Global Offensive,which is considered as a biggest game on steam.


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