CS:GO being the most popular eSports in India is gaining a lot of attention in Indian eSports Scenario.And with ESL, Dew Arena, ILG and many more Tournaments taking place across the country.  We see many new talents getting involved in the professional scene.
There are a lot of CS:GO commands which are helpful but are known to very few people. These commands will help you improve your gameplay.


This command helps you to see your teammate even through the wall. Best part about this command is, it also shows you the weapon & utilities your teammates have through the walls. Thus asking "Bro you have flash?" is not needed anymore.
Well now you know where your teammates are, even then if you TK them "unintentionally" then there's a command for you as well. Press "~", Type "Quit", Press "enter". ez.

Do you never trust your teammate ? You're standing there alone on B-site and Terrorist have rushed onto A-site yet none of your teammates have told you. Whom should you blame ? Well yourself for not using the commands below.

Well now you can see the entire map. Your Welcome.

Footsteps plays an important role in CS:GO. But if you're playing from a Gaming Zone on headphone with no Noise Cancellation. And tons of people standing behind you talking about how Katekar died in Sacred Games.*Spoiler alert*. It's difficult to hear every possible step of your opponents in-game. But there are few commands which helps in increasing your in-game volume.

We're not done yet. Make sure the computer you're playing on has a good Audio Drivers installed in it. RECOMMENDED - Realtek HD Audio Drivers. I am using VIA HD Audio Deck, Since Realtek is not supported by my Motherboard.
Increase you equalizer to 75%. This will give an audio boost. Well it can hurt your ears. So increase it according to your need.

You're in a middle of a situation. You have all the utilities and teammate asks for a flashbang. You keep pressing 4 and ends up throwing a smoke instead of flashbang. Ever happened ? If yes, you must be Silver. Umm, I know I am good at guessing. Well jokes aside, such mistakes happens with pros as well. So in order to get rid of it. You need to bind each nade with different key.
Here are my binds -

You can use Number 4 for Grenade. Change your keys as you want. If you're more of a radio command guy, you can still change the key binds to other keys you feel comfortable with.


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