Blast pro announces a CS:GO tournament in Los Angeles

The city of Los Angeles, the heart of California will witness a gush of e-sports fans on 12 and 13 of June where a CS:GO circuit is ready to host a tournament worth of $250,000 (17291250.00) prize pool, six CS:GO teams will be heading towards Galen Center in L.A to fight  not only for this  enormous amount but also for the triangular trophy  and the heart  of innumerable fans.

This will be 2nd Blast pro series in the USA after its debut in Miami, which will be taking place the next month. The dawn of  2019 for the blast pro series began with a tournament in the most populous and wealthiest state in Brazil, São Paulo. Jumping off directly to the finals, which took place among Astralis and team liquid, the finals started off with the pick of Dust2 map by team liquid , despite the lead of Astralis in the map liquid  had a comeback which resulted in the  victory on the 1st map over Astralis  with the score on the board of 16-13. The second map, Inferno was Astralis pick which helped them to dominate over the team liquid with a score of 16-8. The third and the final map was overpass where Astralis took over Liquid with a win of 16-2, like a gale thrashing the roofs of houses. Thus, Astralis snatched the dreams of team liquid in the finals, many Astralis fans will be biting their hands off to see whether their team would conquer the throne in the upcoming tournaments.

As the E-Sports field  has an worldwide fan base ,it would require  broadcasters help worldwide to make the event reach the hearts of the fans, until now the news about broadcasting is that Fragbite has reached an agreement with the RFRSH Entertainment which says that Fragbite will receive the exclusive broadcasting  rights for BLAST Pro series in Sweden.


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