Keen Gaming - The Pure Favourites

Day 2 of the ESL ONE - Mumbai 2019 kicks off in style,
A Great sunny day outside and a huge amount of crowd here early in the morning to start off with some epic Dota 2 battle between the CIS Region and Asian teams!

 Day 2 Schedule: 
  • Keen Gaming vs The Pango [Bo3]
  • Natus Vincere vs Mineski [Bo3]
  • Tnc Predators vs Keen Gaming [Bo3]

  Match 1 : Keen Gaming (China) vs The Pango (Philippines) 

Picture Courtesy - ESL


Keen Gaming: 
  • Lich (Dark)
  • Doom (Eleven)
  • Wraith King (Old Chicken)
  • Winter Wayvern (Kaka)
  • Puck (.----)
The Pango:
  • Dark Seer (Ghostik)
  • Ursa (Naive-)
  • Alchemist (Iceberg)
  • Tiny (XSvamp1re)
  • Jakiro (CeMaTheSlayeR)
Game 1, The favourites 'Keen Gaming' showed the best game of Dota to their fans, they never lacked the early control, the drafts went just like they wanted them to and there was no pressure from The Pango as they lost the early control over the net worth. laning phase went on the Keen side as well. Keen took the game just right under the 30 min mark. 1-0 to Keen Gaming


Keen Gaming: 
  • Vengeful Spirit (Dark)
  • Magnus (Eleven)
  • Troll Warlord (old Chicken)
  • Rubick (Kaka)
  • Kunkka (.----)
 The Pango:
  • Beastmaster (Ghostik)
  • Morphling (Naive-)
  • Lina (Iceberg)
  • Enigma (XSvamp1re)
  • Witch Doctor (CeMaTheSlayeR) 
Game2, Pango took the early aggression and pushed KG to play passive, Pango relied constantly on the team fights and the passive auras to get every bit of advantage they could get, allowing both their core heros to farm and heavy damage Items from Morphling and Lina,It was enough to end the game from Pango's side. Scores level on 1-1  


Keen Gaming: 
  • Jakiro (Dark)
  • Dark Seer (Eleven)
  • Lifestealer (Old Chicken)
  • Earth Spirit (Kaka)
  • Troll Warlord (----)
The Pango:
  • Legion Commander (Ghostik)
  • Juggernaut (Naive-)
  • Storm Spirit (Iceberg)
  • Tusk (XSvamp1re)
  • Disruptor (CeMaTheSlayeR) 

Game3, Keen Gaming read The Pango's really well, banning the key heros and hence Pango were forced to play with less of a team fight and now they had to win the laning phase, but Kaka's Signature 'Earth Spirit' and Old Chicken with the Tripple Kill over the tier 3 were enough to snatch that victory.

Keen Gaming played really well with their strats and perfect execution, They read pango really well after the first game. KG really showed they were the favorites here. They left everyone awe-struck with their performance.

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