The CIS Boys vs NA, Pango vs Complexity.

Match 2: The Pango (CIS) vs Complexity Gaming (NA) [Bo3]

Picture Courtesy - ESL

The Pango:

  • Razor (Iceberg)
  • Witch Doctor (CeMaTheSlayeR)
  • Phantom Lancer(Naive)
  • Centaur Warrunner (Ghostik)
  • NyxAssassin (XSvamp1re)

Complexity Gaming:

  • Ember Spirit (Limmp),
  • Doom (Deth-sama), 
  • Terrorblade (Meracle), 
  • Tusk (adam), 
  • Shadow Shaman (Zfreek)
Game 1 went to Complexity as their core heroes played really well, Ember and TB were seemingly impressive to watch. The Wg.Meracle's Ultra kill which lead to the Team wipe led to a victory for the NA, It was amazing to watch that play by Terror Blade taking all 4 players of Pango.
And the Naive- triple kill was a nice comeback by the CIS guys but they couldn't obstruct TB, losing the first game after stretching it upto the 46 mins. Complexity taking the lead in the first match of the Bo3 series 1-0.


The Pango: 

  • Storm Spirit (Iceberg)
  • Jakiro (CeMaTheSlayeR)
  • Juggernaut (Naive)
  • Doom (Ghostik)
  • Earth Spirit (XSvamp1re)

Complexity Gaming: 

  • Shadow Fiend (Limmp)
  • Brewmaster (Deth-Sama)
  • Troll Warlord (Meracle)
  • Clockwerk (Adam)
  • Nature's Prophet (Zfreek)

Game 2 went to the CIS Boys, Mind-blowing gameplay by them to end the game within 25 minutes, The Jakiro triple kill and those 2 for 1 and 3 for 1 trades didn't really pay off for Complexity Gaming. Those key fights with storm spirit and Jakiro were really the main highlights of the game, A great comeback by Pango after losing the first game. Scores tied 1-1, This is a knockout match. The loser goes back home!


The Pango: 

  • Lina (Iceberg)
  • Doom (CeMaTheSlayeR)
  • Juggernaut (Naive)
  • Legion Commander (Ghostik)
  • Shadow Shaman (XSvamp1re)

Complexity Gaming: 

  • Dragon Knight (Limmp)
  • Batrider (Deth-Sama)
  • Terrorblade (Meracle)
  • Witch Doctor (adam)
  • Zfreek (Elder Titan)
RAMPAGE!! by Iceberg (Lina) was enough to get the whole arena cheering for the CIS, Complexity gaming was completely awe-struck by their mid aggression and couldn't figure out on how to stop them,with a 14-0 scoreline Pango took the 2-1 Victory over Complexity in just over 20 mintues to knock them out of the tournament.

After the first up and forth match, the rest of the two matches were pretty one sided, specially after that Rampage by Iceberg it was all their game from that point, Complexity had no answers for The Pango aggression on lanes. 2-1 Victory for The Pango and Complexity goes back home

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