Tnc Predators Eliminates the home team Signify.

After a great opening ceremony ESL ONE comes off to a tremendous start with a huge amount of audience to support Esports, Everything was on point Lights, Stage, Fans! Kudos to the organizers on doing such a great job.
ESL & Nodwin got together to bring out the best Dota 2 experience for Indians, People came out from different cities across the country to watch some fantastic dota and the teams didn't let them down at all. One could feel that energy that vibe in the arena.
After Na'vi making up to the Upper Bracket Semi-Finals, it's the time for other teams to compete for that one spot.

  •     Signify vs Tnc Predators
  •     The Pango vs Complexity Gaming
  •     Team Team vs Tnc Predators 

 Game 1: Signify (India) vs Tnc Predators (Philippines) [Bo3]  

Picture Courtesy - ESL

  • Tiny (Crowley)
  • Dark Seer (NO_Chanc3)
  • Kunka (Swifty)
  •  Ursa (Blizzard)
  • Leshrac (Negi)
Tnc Predators: 
  • Weaver (Gabbi)
  • Jakiro (Eyyou)
  • Templer Assassin (Armie)
  •  Doom (Kuku)
  • Rubick (Tims)

Tnc takes an easy victory in the first game, signify had a great start to the game but after the early control the game was kind of sloppy from the Indian side as they were not able to tackle the Weaver who ended up not dying a single time in the whole 32 Minutes game. Kuku had a great target selection as he kept on targeting 'No_Chanc3' and 'Swify' stopping that early farm and stopped Ursa couldn't do much in team fights without that BKB. Signify had little to contribute in the end game where the 2 BKB's were already up by Weaver and TA. Tnc takes the lead 1 - 0


  • Tusk (Crowley)
  • Night Stalker (NO_Chanc3)
  •  Outworld Devourer (Swifty)
  • Terrorblade (Blizzard)
  • Vengeful Spirit (Negi)

Tnc Predators:
  • Morphling (Gabbi)
  • Jakiro (Eyyou)
  • Lina (Armie)
  • Doom (Kuku)
  • Rubick (Tims)

Game 2 great game for Signify, the start was pretty difficult as they had great combos to stop signify from early farming, yet signify were able to come on top of the early game by shutting off 'Kuku' till some extent but Lina and Morphling were there to rescue Tnc. Blizzard couldn't help much in the team fights early game and Gabbi played fantastic with that morphling stealing the game away from Signify. A great effort was shown by Crowley and team.
Signify tried their best to extend that game and stay alive for as long as possible, made the game really interesting to watch but yet they couldn't Defeat their ancient as Tnc eliminates them 2 - 0 in the first match of Day - 1. We have a lot of other matches to cover so stay tuned for next updates.

Picture Courtest - ESL
Tnc Predators take 2-0 and Eliminates the home team on the first game itself, pretty much what we expected but over the notch gameplay from signify as the game 2 went up to the 40min mark, you could hear the loudest cheer from the Indian audience overall great game experience.
Gabbi played really well with only a single death in the whole bo3 series.

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