Tnc Predators on a roll. 2-0 Again!

Picture Courtesy - ESL
 Match 3 : Team Team (NA) vs Tnc Predators (Philippines) [BO3] 


Team Team: 

  • Earth Spirit (Newsham)
  • Sven (EternalEnvy)
  • Centaur Warrunner (Brax)
  • Bane (ixmike88)
  • Queen of Pain (Gunnar)

Tnc Predators: 

  • Earthshaker (Eyyou)
  • Drow Ranger (Gabbi)
  • Darkseer (Kuku)
  • Nature's Prophet (Tims)
  • Outword Devourer (Armel)

Game 1, The early double kill by Gunnar got some networth for TT, but the late game Drow Ranger strat by Tnc pretty much won them the game as Tnc played the team game and relied on each other rather than going solo farm, Gabbi's Ultra kill - Team wipe helped Tnc gain 1-0 lead over Team team for the final game of Day - 1.


Team Team: 

  • Enigma (Newsham)
  • Medusa (EternalEnvy)
  • Tidehunter (Brax)
  • Bane (ixmike88)
  •  Lina (Gunnar)
Tnc Predators: 
  • Jakiro (Eyyou)
  • Juggernaut (Gabbi)
  • Beastmaster (Kuku)
  • Rubick (Tims)
  • Sniper (Armel) 

Game 2, The most intresting matchup till now, the perfect draft and the whole back and forth of the momentum went upto 40 mins and then again the man Gabbi snugged out a tripple kill to fail Team Team's smoke attempt and won the match 2-0 knocking the second team out of the tournament. Tnc are the current favourites, they look really unstopable after eliminating Signify and Team Team. Gabbi should be the player to keep an eye on for the upcoming matches.

Tnc Predators playing amazingly well, knocking out 'Team Signify' in their first game 2-0 and repeating the same with the 'Team Team' tremendous amount of efforts from them and a great display of their skill sets. Tnc takes down Team Team and stays undefeated.

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