NEO joins FaZe Clan, Adren out

The journey of Virtus Pro and it's Golden5 has been pretty amazing, the Polish firepower Pasha, Byali, Neo, TaZ, Snax ruled the Counter Strike Global Offensive scene between 2013-2016. The team was one of the strongest in Europe. But for the past couple of years, the team has been upsetting the fans and themselves. They started losing to lower-tier teams which ultimately lead to the breakdown of the legendary CS:GO team. TaZ, followed by Snax and Pasha left the team. TaZ and Snax found a new home, whereas Pasha decided to take a break from the Pro scene and spend his quality time with his family and streaming.
Neo, on the other hand, stayed with the Virtus Pro, adding new polish talent to the team. Things didn't work out for them and the losing streak continued.
There were rumors about Neo joining FaZe Clan for the past couple of days since a screenshot was leaked on the social media showing Faze players along with Neo practicing together on a server in presence of Faze's Coach "yNk".
Today, Niko, announced on Twitter about Neo's entry to the FaZe Clan and Adren's exit.

FaZe Clan also announced on their official Twitter handle welcoming Neo to the active roster as a "substitute". He'll be the in-game leader for the Faze for the upcoming tournaments, starting from Today itself.

FaZe's roster now looks as follows:
Serbia Janko "YNk" Paunović (coach)

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