ESL One Cologne 2019 Overview

With the most stacked event of the year around the corner  with almost every Top 15 team in attendance and Looking to make a solid statement with the win in Cologne.Apart from the major this event is the most stacked event.

lets take a look at the teams coming in to this event :-

  The Favourites

Team Liquid are just a trophy away from the 1 million Dollars

The favorites of this event are Team liquid,ENCE, and Vitality without a doubt.

Team liquid are coming into this event hot on their heels in their best form with three back to back ESL tournament wins and are the closest to win the Intel Grand Slam.Liquid's win in Cologne will be an important step in establishing their era.

Vitality are also looking strong with having defeated Team liquid once in a Bo3 and with ZyWoo Looking absolutely fantastic it is highly possible that vitality take the win in Cologne.

ENCE haven't shown too much action since Dallas but they are still a top contender for the trophy. 

  The Secondary Favorites

Can NEO bring FaZe to their former glory?

Astralis,FaZe Clan,Na'Vi and Mousesports are no doubt contenders for the trophy in Cologne.

Astralis no doubt have fallen from their prime since their Major win in Katowice but they are highly favoured to win the event . They will be eyeing a rebound and make a statement that they are still the same force to be reckoned with .

FaZe Clan are yet to prove their capabilities after bringing in NEO . With playoffs exit in both Montpellier and Dallas FaZe are hungry to win their third event of the year. With their star studded roster,the trophy win doesn't seem far fetched if the stars align in unison.

Na'Vi are coming in to this event with their newest addition in the form of Boombl4 replacing Edward. Na'Vi will show in Cologne if they are finally an all round team or still a S1mple one-man show

Mousesports are looking better than ever with their new revamped roster comprising of young talent frozen  and veteran IGL Karrigan.The European mixture has looked amazing  in Montpellier, managing commanding wins over FaZe, MIBR, and HellRaisers since their beginning. It is a big question if Mouz will be able get their first big win.

The Dark Horses

The Majestic Moustache Returns

Teams like NRG, Made In Brazil, and Ninjas in Pyjamas are all entering with a new player in their lineup.

NRG are coming into their event with Stanislaw and have looked really good prior to this event.They have got win against the likes of Astralis and FaZe

MiBR are gonna play their first tournament with LUCAS1,who has replaced Felps on the roster.The team has high hopes with him.

NiP will be also playing their first event with upcoming Swedish talent Plopski, who has replaces Dennis on the roster.They have high hopes with this young swede.

Renegades are also coming in to this event with a lot of hunger with Gratisfaction being the X-Factor.These teams are coming in to this event as dark horses and they have a ton of skill which is required to take down the favorites.


Furia hopes to establish itself as a top tier powerhouse

Teams like BIG,Furia,MVP PK, and Heroic are the underdogs of this and will be looking to pull off big upsets against top tier opponents.Of all the underdog teams Furia are looking the most promising to make a big statement.BIG are still keeping faith in gob b, Xantares and their new addition denis. MVP PK are the only Asian team in this event and will be looking to pull off upsets.

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