mousesports win CS:GO Asia Championship 2019

The finals of CS: GO Asia Championship 2019 saw The Finnish Squad, ENCE, lock horns with mousesports for 250,000$. The encounter between the two saw mouseports come out on top in two maps.


  • Train (mousesports won Train with a 16-10 scoreline)
  • Inferno (mouseports won Inferno with a 16-11 scoreline) 
  • Dust 2 (not played)

  • ENCE removed Vertigo
  • mousesports removed Mirage
  • ENCE picked Train
  • mousesports picked Inferno
  • ENCE removed Nuke
  • mousesports removed Overpass
  • Dust2 was left over

Train, mousesports’ pick saw them beginning on the CT side. The Fins began strong with a pistol round win, putting their first round on the scoreboard. However, mousesports equalized the scoreline on the back of ropz’s double kill hold on the B bombsite on the mousesports’ force buy. Mousesports further extended their lead to three rounds, before ENCE struck back with three rounds of their own, putting the scoreline at 4-3 in favor of the Finns. However, mousesports zoomed past ENCE, ending their defensive half with a 9-6 scoreline in their favor. 
ENCE were able to equalize the scorelines at 9-9, following their pistol round win in the second half. However, mousesports proved that they were the better lineup coming into the finals, ending the first map with a 16-10 scoreline in their favor.
Frozen led the charge for mousesports with 23 kills in 12 deaths, boasting a 1.38 rating. Frozen was followed closely by woxic who had 23 kills in 11 deaths, and a 1.35 rating.

Inferno, picked by mousesports, saw the International lineup beginning the game on the Terrorist side. The Finns looked better in shape and added the first 5 rounds to their tally. After ENCE won the first 5 rounds, mousesports picked up the pace and added 8 rounds of their own, in a row, to the scoreboard. The half ended with an 8-7 scoreline, with mousesports in the lead.
ENCE maintained their record of winning of 4 out of 4 pistol rounds in the series and put themselves at 11 rounds, compared to mousesports 7. However, mousesports pulled ahead of the Finns and ended the game with a scoreline of 16-11, winning the CS: GO Asia Championship 2019 and taking home 250,000$ in prize money.
Frozen and woxic led the charge for mousesports with 22 kills and 21 kills respectively. Frozen was rated at 1.36 while woxic followed closely with a rating of  1.32.

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