Antoine Griezmann steps into the esports field with a brand new Rainbow Six roster

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Antoine Griezmann, the famous French footballer, has stepped into the esports field with a Rainbow Six Siege roster. This is GriziEsport's first professional gaming roster.

The roster has 4 French players under the banner while the search for a fifth continues. The team will use a substitute player for the French League for which the team qualifies with a majority French roster.

The French caption used in the Twitter post welcomes the four-man roster into the organization and states that a substitute will be used for the French League.

The roster is comprised of sNKy, Quaal, Joghurtzz and Liven. The team played their first game in the "Champions League Qualifier #4" with Panix, an ex BDS player, as a stand-in. Panix confirmed that he would be standing in for the team will the end of the Champions League Qualifier on his Twitter, while still being contracted to BDS. 

GriziEsport teased its entrance into the professional Rainbow Six Seige scene with a tweet an hour prior to the announcement

No other details about the roster have been revealed. However, one can only assume that GriziEsport's will tread deeper into the esports scene by acquiring multiple other rosters in various titles.

The current GriziEsport's roster is:

Panix (stand-in)

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