Candy Crush addiction gets Man his fingers chopped!

34-Year-Old Odisha man who got his fingers chopped by his own wife was addicted to Candy Crush
Cops found that the 34-year-old man was on the leader board of the addicted game in his group consisting of his friends and co-workers and had also created a group on a social media platform to discuss strategies to beat certain levels.
He accused his 32-year-old wife was also addicted to the video game, so because of envy and not receiving much attention from spouse planned this attack carefully in their rented apartment in Bhubaneswar where they used to live together for last couple of years.
Sneha Anand pretty ironical to their name allegedly chopped her husband’s fingers off while he was taking his afternoon nap and then ransacked the house to make it look like robbery. However, she was arrested after a day’s search on Saturday.
The officer said the accused showed no signs of remorse or guilt and constantly kept saying, 'I have done nothing wrong please release me and save me from the law, it’s he who brought this upon himself not me'. Her husband was being treated in a Government hospital but none of his relatives were present to help the victim. And the court did not allow her to see the victim for the last time after being slapped with life imprisonment.
During investigation cops found a WhatsApp group comprising of 40 to 50 friends including office colleagues, where they would discuss their daily goal and share tips and tricks to new members for reaching higher level easily. And some of his friends were asked to join the investigation too.
Victims friends idolized him and considered him an icon. He had reached great levels of difficulty and was determined to beat the video game.
Officer added that the family members of accused told police that they always felt Sneha was a "quiet and nice" woman but the neighbors mentioned they would hear the couple arguing/fighting frequently during nights over husband’s addiction to the game.
She was holding a grudge since he(victim) started showing disinterest in her and just chat with his friends or play the video game.
Before executing the plan, she behaved normally and even saw their marriage photo album with her husband till he went to take a nap. Alarmed by the commotion neighbors tried to stop her but she managed to escape until getting caught by the Police next day.

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