IIT-B scraps PUBG-M final playoffs from its Techfest Gamers League

Following pressure from Shiv Sena’s sub-divisional chief from Thane, Praveen Nangre, IIT-B has decided to scrap PUBG from the roster of games that would be played at IIT-B’s annual technology festival. The news comes a day before the final playoffs of the game were supposed to commence at the event. 

Praveen Nangre sent a letter to the governor and to the Powai police on the 13th of December, 2019. In his letters, Praveen Nagre stated that the game was addictive in nature and should not be played in an educational institute. Mr. Nagre further stated that playing the game had narcotic effects and said,
There have been instances where children have turned violent after being stopped from playing this game. Organizing it in educational institutes will have harmful effects on youngster’s minds” in a statement to Mumbai Mirror.
According to one of the student coordinators of IIT-B’s TechFest, the game was canceled due to pressure from the Shiv Sena Member. The student told Mumbai Mirror that the game was completely scrapped in order to avoid confusion on the days of the event. However, this would not impact other games such as Counter-Strike which would be played at the event. The competitions for the other games would continue as planned.

Despite the increase in popularity of the game, especially in India, PUBG-M still continues to face hurdles regarding its growth in the nation in the form of multiple cases of deaths related to PUBG and from completely banning the game in Gujarat.

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