A teenager from Surat murdered his girlfriend because she denied to Rush B

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SURAT: In a gruesome crime that took place in broad daylight on a public street in DGVCL Circle area of city on Friday, a 12-year-old teenager was chased by her knife-wielding boyfriend who allegedly stabbed her to death in what cops claim a case of insanity.

The entire incident which was captured on CCTV camera from a nearby ATM looks like a scene from parents worst nightmare where the victim is seen running for her life while the attacker is chanting "AB RUSH HO RAHA HAI TERE SE BKL". Traffic meanwhile, is ongoing normally in its slow pace and not a soul cared enough to stop and save the kid, cops allege.

Upon further investigation, the victim and the assailant were in a committed relationship from past 9 months and the assailant who has been identified as Saras Balmohan was teaching the victim, Bhagyashree Patel, a game called Counter Strike- Global Offensive. She suffered multiple stabbing injuries on her back, waist and legs, died on her way to municipal hospital nearby.

A group of women gathered outside the hospital and we chose to get their views on the incident. An interviewee named Shiela Dixit told our reporter,"Aaj kal ke bacche ek toh bara bara saal ki umar me e pyaar vyaar me pad jaate hai padhna likhna hai nai aur ye pure din bas phone camputer pe chipakna hai upar se ye mar dhad wale game khelenge toh ye toh hona
hi tha. Aur inko sabji kaatne bolo toh haath kaapne lagte hai"

The police released a statement saying that Saras was addicted to CS:GO but was also deeply in love with Bhagyashree. He wanted to Rush B on a map called Dust2 with his valentine. But when she baited him multiple times he became frustrated and told her to give him backup. In the following round when he was team flashed by Bhagyashree and subsequently died he lost his cool, picked up a vegetable knife and began chasing her, ultimately resulting in her death.

Saras was quoted by the police to have said,"Aise bait karegi toh dhoptoega hi na usko"

Investigation so far has revealed that Bhagyashree was in her appartment when the suspect attacked her from the back, stabbing her in the waist. Shocked by the sudden attack, she started running for her life but fell  multiple times on stairs while the accused was chasing her and stabbed her 13 times for the amount of times he was baited in-game.

A grievously injured Bhagyashree collapsed in an open sewer tunnel. The deceased was a student in class 7th of Gurukrupa School and spent her whole time learning CS:GO with Saras. She lived with her parents and grandparents and was neighbour to the assailant.

Note: This news was covered by Bijnes Bhai Patel who had to abandon his CS:GO MM match to rush to the scene of the incident.

Every bit of information contained in this writeup is a whim of the author's fantasy. It bears no resemblance to any real person, news or incident. Any relation found is purely coincidental.

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