Teen girl married a guy because he had alot of PUBG MOBILE skins!

Jodhpur: It was a run of the mill morning, as any place in Rajasthan, a man was working at his office reviewing his record for the month, when he heard his son yell in excitment "Mhare shadi re tayari karo!". (Translation: Make arrangements for my marriage)
The Father was stunned to hear this as he knew a couple of seconds before his spoilt 23 year old son was playing PUBG (an online multiplayer battle royale) game like consistently, what went onto him so unexpectedly? He got some information about the fervor, where upon Pratap his 23-year-old son answered:
I met this brilliant young lady named Bimla while playing PUBG and I want to marry her
Bimla was a 19-year-old little girl of an ordinary assembly line laborer, and on other hand Pratap was son of a major fabric dealer. In spite of the fact that it didn't make a difference much as Pratap's father was constantly stressed on the off chance that his son was competent to be hitched ever or take even a touch of obligation, as he was constantly adhered to his Smartphone playing computer games. The youthful couple met online, playing PUBG in a mode called Team Deathmatch (Is a quick paced match where players join the game in the group of four, and battle with the rival colleagues. The group which scores a complete slaughter of 40 preceding the opposite side, wins the match.)
Pratap, Bimla and 2 arbitrary players were coordinated in a group where Bimla saw Pratap had numerous costly skins and was instantly attracted to him even after noticing he wasn't that good in the game.
(Skins: These are down beautifying agents which can be purchased utilizing genuine cash, they make your weapon/vehicle look great.)
Pratap was attracted to her as he never came across any female gamer who played really great. They played together for a long time, traded telephone numbers and used to talk throughout the night like every single new couple. Following 2 weeks Pratap formulated an arrangement to propose her in-game with the assistance of his friends. That morning Pratap, Bimla and their friends were playing PUBG when they chose to play custom game and that was the place Pratap chose to propose Bimla in last demise circle.
When Pratap proposed and Bimla accepted his proposition, his friends began shooting flares to celebrate. "It was a magnificent sight!" Their companions cited. What's more, as it happened Pratap yelled "Mhare shadi re tayari karo!".
What's more, to that his father answered "Maro ladko bado ho gayo!" (Translation: My kid grew up).

Every bit of information contained in this write-up is a whim of the author's fantasy. It bears no resemblance to any real person, news or incident. Any relation found is purely coincidental.

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