Corona infected Mumbaiker travelled to Mangalore to transmit the virus to his ex-girlfriend

Thursday, 11th March,2020; Rajesh Patel, a Mumbai resident boarded Train from Thane. His plan was to reach Mangalore, where his ex-girlfriend was pursuing her Engineering degree.
Rajesh Patel was diagnosed with Covid-19 Corona virus, he was kept in an isolation cell under extreme supervision. He by one way or another figured out how to flee from the clinic and went on to public places particularly Thane Terminus and booked his ticket for Mangalore. He was found sneezing & coughing at the College's Campus and was immediately informed to the Healthcare facility by the authorities.
Later that day, he was taken to a private hospital where, the statement says, he was “provisionally diagnosed as “mid zone viral pneumonia’ and ‘suspected COVID-10’ “. Doctors collected his samples and sent them for testing. After a while it was found that the suspect was already admitted to a Hospital in  Mumbai. They also found out he got his discharged from the hospital “against medical advice” and then went missing couple days ago. The Authorities immediately informed the Karnataka Police and further actions were taken.

Rajesh Patel said,
“ Pyaar kiye the tumse jo,
Us pyaar ko tum tadpao na.
Chorh ke jo gyi thi tum,
Ab to vapis aao na.
Mera dil pyaar mein pagal hai,
Koi to ise samjhao na.
Jaan dedenge tumhare liye,
Jaan le na sake ye Corona.
Zindagi bhar saath nibhane wala vaada karke
Chali gyi wo naagin,
Uske zeher se zehrila nai ye Corona”

A day after Karnataka reported the nations first casualty because of novel corona virus, the state government ordered the shutting down of malls, cinema halls, pubs, schools and colleges, exhibitions and all other mass gathering events across the state for one week starting from Saturday.
Chief Minister B S Yediyurrappa made the announcement on Friday soon after the emergency meeting with his bureau colleagues and officials to discuss precautionary measures taken to forestall the transmission of COVID-19. The CM said that the administration has chosen to boycott mass assembling and forewarned individuals to remain at home. He also advised IT & BT companies to allow employees to work from home for one week. This, he said, was to avoid the transmission of virus.
After this incident, the state government has also decided to cancel all the public transport entering or leaving the state so as to limit the chances of the virus spreading in and out of the state. Private vehicles can leave the city/state if only having special permissions from the respective authorities.

Every bit of information contained in this write-up is a whim of the author's fantasy. It bears no resemblance to any real person, news or incident. Any relation found is purely coincidental.

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