Corona Virus can be cured by uninstalling PUBG Mobile on PC

Mumbai: Two cases of Covid-19 were confirmed in Mumbai on 10th March,2020. With the latest cases, the total number of cases in India has risen to 68, with Maharashtra having the second largest number (10) of cases after Kerala that has 17. Three patients of these who had been diagnosed earlier had recouped. Therefore, it’s important to increase the security measures in the city as well as the country before this virus spreads and affects the citizens of the country.
On Thursday, a private meeting was called by the Maharashtra CM in order to discuss the matter and figure out a way to minimize the spread of the perilous ailment in the jam-packed Mumbai. Mumbai is the city which is loaded with traffic, crowd and train where you never get a seat to sit on. A single infected human can spread the virus to at least 100 people on his way to the workplace while travelling in local train.
Post meet, Research and Development Scientist of PANACEA Pharmaceuticals, Mr Ajit Dutta said
“We’re trying our best to keep our nation safe; it’s requested to kindly not to step out of your house, and stay safe. Abstain from eating outside food, avoid non-veg for time being. Keep hand sanitizers with you, stay away from people sneezing, coughing, having fever. Avoid playing PUBG Mobile on PC as it’s not intended to be played on your computer system and if continued, the individual is at high risk of getting Covid-19. People who have underlying disease like High blood pressure, Diabetes, Pubg Simulator gamer perhaps are at a higher risk of death from the covid-19. If found anyone saying “gaccho gaccho” or “patt se headshot”, it’s requested to kindly inform the nearest healthcare center or call on helpline number 01123978046. Always keep 1-meter distance from people sneezing, coughing or someone who plays Pubg Mobile on computer systems.”
How does playing a mobile game on Computer affect the human body? The observational study which was carried in Wuhan, China, proved that people with weak immune systems are most likely to get diagnosed with the mortal disease. The further studies proved that people playing video games on Computer that are meant to be played on mobile devices not only has a weak immune system but are also suffering from mental illness. A beautiful game designed to play against humans, well mostly bots, is getting destroyed by people playing on their RTX 2070 machines impressing the 10-year old’s.
Stay safe. Stay clean. Wear mask.
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