Dad sold his son on Amazon because he didn't like mario.

Hiranandani: In a heart-wrenching incident, a 35-year-old father listed his 10 year old son on Amazon for 4.20 Lakh. And wanted to use that money to buy new Nintendo Switch for himself and save rest for his newborn baby.
On February 29, Mr Vijay as his usual Saturdays was playing Mario on his Nintendo with his son and his wife cooking his favorite lunch Dahi Chicken.
As usual both son and dad were playing to beat each others high score when Mr Vijay beat Dhruv for the 6th time, and after getting pretty annoyed by his dad he slammed the controller on the couch and left the room. 
Mr Vijay approached Dhruv to console him and explained to him that its okay to lose and its just a game, but his son remarked and stated "This is getting very old now and I hate this game(Mario), I don't want to play it anymore" and slammed his room door angrily. 
What would break your heart truly is that millennial's these days don't respect retro/arcade games, as they were the foundation of the current gaming industry. They just want to play new AAA title games and call retro games as "boomer games".
While sharing the details, the investigating officer shared with our author:
"His wife was unaware of his plans and rage. He tied his son in his bedroom for several hours, and told his wife he went out with his friends to play and will be back soon."
The details surfaced when his wife got worried after her son didn't come home after several hours. She panicked and started looking for the boy around the society for an hour and in vain after no information she went to his room and to her surprise she found her son unconscious and tied up in his bathroom. She rushed him to emergency room and after recovering he narrated the incident.
Every bit of information contained in this write-up is a whim of the author's fantasy. It bears no resemblance to any real person, news or incident. Any relation found is purely coincidental.

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