Gamer drops out of college to complete CS:GO Operation missions

Navi Mumbai: Dhruv Kadam, 19 a resident of Bamandongri, was studying Bachelor of Science in Animation and Multimedia from Thakur College, Kandivali, which is around 55 kilometers from his home.
My dad traveled from one village to another village when he was his age crossing river on his way to school. He needed to show me the hardships of world which he faced and everything isn't anything but difficult to get. Be that as it may, I didn't like travelling such long distances and I rather play with gamers from different parts of world sitting on my chair in my apartment. 
The motivation to drop out of college was to complete his missions in a game called Counter-Strike: Global Offensive which introduced a new operation called Shattered Web in which players had to do some tasks every week to earn game cosmetic rewards such as Player/Weapon Skins and Weapon case.
While conversing with our columnist, he added
"I was tired of travelling 6 hours everyday to college so I chose to drop out, and do what entertained me the most. I love playing CS:GO everyday, before dropping out of college i used to play it regularly after college with my friends. But now I can play it anytime I want or whole day with no restriction or limitations."
Although his parents don't support his gaming whole day so much but they do support his passion for cinematography and got him a DSLR and a laptop worth 1.5 lakh.
After dropping out of college he was pretty focused to complete all the missions of Operation to earn the Diamond coin. After grinding few weeks he finally earned the Diamond coin! and was pretty excited and proud of it.
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