Man falls in love with his wife and breaks up with girlfriend during lockdown

Not the actual image - Used as a reference

India observed a 14-hour lock-down on Sunday after PM Narendra Modi appealed for the same on Thursday evening. On Saturday, India witnessed the biggest surge in Corona virus cases as 80 more people were reported positive for COVID-19. As per the latest data from ministry of health, there were 360 positive cases in India so far, of which 329 are currently active. Of these 360 cases, 319 are Indian and 41 are foreign nationals. Seven people have died so far in the country, and 24 have recovered.
Janta Curfew brought many good things across the nation including report of drop in air pollution. So is the positive story about the Mumbai couple who got together again after a whole year of cranky marriage.
Meanwhile amidst all these chaos a couple in Andheri who were facing a harsh marriage were locked in their apartment for whole day during the "Janta Curfew" were getting exhausted watching television and talking with friends on phone so they decided to play some indoor games to kill time till dinner. So they decided to play cards and later truth or dare.
When while playing they both gave each other weird dares and had fun whole day prank calling doing weird things and that's when things got interesting and they starting talking and resolving their issues. Husband almost forgot he had a mistress too while having fun with his wife.
While having dinner they both confessed their love for each other and promised to work on marriage again by getting couples therapy. Husband broke up with his mistress too that night.
Janta Curfew did bring out many positive incidents.
Every bit of information contained in this write-up is a whim of the author's fantasy. It bears no resemblance to any real person, news or incident. Any relation found is purely coincidental.

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