Huawei caught once again, making DSLR photographs look like smart phone made

In current generation smartphones are getting ridiculously good with their hardware and functions including cameras which means, that OEMs don't have to lie or exaggerate how good their cameras are.
Huawei is currently running a contest for its fan in China to promote the Huawei P40 Pro. On Weibo a video was shared that included a bunch of stellar photos that Huawei claimed had been shot on its smartphones. But Jamie-hua a Weibo user and second-place winner at similar 2018 iPhone contest, was paying close attention and managed to recognize one of the shots in the video.
After tracking it down, he found the exact photo on 500px : a photography-sharing platform, complete with data on what exactly took the shot. It was made by a photographer names Su Tie. And as the 500px page and published EXIF clearly list, it was taken using a Nikon D850 rather than a Huawei smartphone. There were a few other suspicious shots too but there was no proof of where they were sourced from.
Why did Huawei claim these photos were taken on a P40 Pro when it was really shot on an expensive DSLR? The company responded to the situation claiming that an editor "wrongly marked" that these photos were actually taken on Huawei smartphones. The company also edited the promotional contest video to not include the problematic shots.
We definately understand that mistakes can happen, especially when dealing with user-submitted content, but this is not a first for Huawei. They have done this multiple times and every time, the excuse is that it was a mistake of one form or another. Huawei isn't the only company that's been caught doing this, but it's still pretty obvious that the intention is just to fool customers into thinking the camera is better than it is.
Even though Huawei P40's camera takes stunning images, this is pretty low for them.


The trend of faking DSLR shots for phone shots actually started with them in 2012.

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