Krat's controversy - Victim apologizes to NODWIN Gaming

Rushant Malhotra has come forward with a final statement, clarifying the incident that led to Mannu 'kRaT' Karki's dismissal from NODWIN gaming and the allegations of a potential privacy breach on the organisation through their employee Anuj 'Bulls' Bhutani.

In his most recent statement that sees his stance changed from when he approached us and others with this case, Rushant gives Bulls a clean chit and apologizes for blaming the organisation. Rushant cites the whole incident as a misunderstanding on his part, based on which he had claimed the culpability with circumstantial evidence at best.

Rushant states that the incident has caused his respect for NODWIN to grow and hopes that this is something that the community can learn from. We agree with Rushant, in the fact that this is something the community can learn from and be careful before supporting someone's story or pushing to forward.

In Conclusion, kRaT's allegations were proved to be true through thorough investigation. He was found guilty by NODWIN Gaming. And the allegations on Anuj 'Bulls' Bhutani were proved to be false by our and NODWIN Gaming's investigation. The investigation also revealed NODWIN Gaming had no breach of personal data and the culprit who shared the data is still obscure. Initially Gaurav 'LostHope' Sarup and Anuj 'Bulls' Bhutani were accused of leaking personal information, which after further investigation were proved to be bogus. 

Hence, there was no breach of policy from Nodwin, and the culprit is still unknown.

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