Mr Beast's $250,000 Tournament's system got hacked

26th April,2020, Mr Beast hosted a Rock, paper, scissors tournament on his Youtube channel consisting of 32 world's biggest influencers. These 32 influencers will battle to win a sum amount of $250,000. Additionally, every dollar viewers donate during the live stream, Youtube adds $2 from their side, making the total donation of $3.
For example, If an individual donates $10, Youtube adds $20 and a total of $30 is donated.

Game 1 - David Dobrik vs Tana Mongeau [Tana Mongeau won]
Game 2 - Jeffree Star vs Casey Neistat [Casey Neistat won]
Game 3 - Faze Rug vs iJustine [iJustine won]
Game 4 - Mini Ladd vs Chris Ramsay [Chris Ramsay won]
Game 5 - Valkyrae vs Kwebble [Valkyrae won]
Game 6 - Matt Dajer (of Yes Theory) vs KSI [Matt Dajer won]
(It was before the stream paused)

Game 7 - Mark Rober vs LaurDIY (Lauren)
Game 8 - Matpat (of The Game Theorists) vs Matt Stonie
Game 9 - Ninja vs Lazarbeam
Game 10 - Tfue vs Pokimane
Game 11 - Nadeshot vs Jack Black
Game 12 - Marques Brownlee vs Addison Rae
Game 13 - Zach King vs LaurenZside
Game 14 - Dallmyd vs Jaiden Animations
Game 15 - Preston vs Juanpa
Game 16 - Rosanna Pansino vs Juca

The entire tournament was planned quite well, they even had an analyst panel. It started pretty well with the opening game between david Dobrik & Tana Mongeau and having a constant viewership of 600k. Despite the fact that the event was carried out online, it went really well with all the animation and game design.
Halfway through the game between KSI &  Matt Dajer, the counter system crashed and the production team couldn't figure out the issue. Initially Mr Beast said, the system was hacked by hackers. Later it was found out that the video call link got leaked and there were 'n' number of people joining the video conference. The production team couldn't figure out the actual reason, meanwhile Mr Beast kept entertaining the audience while having a chat with KSI & Matt Dajer. Soon, they decided to pause the stream as it was getting difficult for them to get back on the track.
It's such a disgrace, that individuals attempt to break into such framework for no reason in particular or amusement reason and it winds up in such a fiasco. The entire tournament was supposed to be a charity tournament where all the donation goes to the charity. However, before pausing the tournament, Mr Beast managed to raise approx $335,000. The actual figures were unknown to the audience by the time. It was mentioned in the description that the $250,000 goes directly to a charity of winners choice.

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