Nodwin's Response - A case of partial justice?


All the disarray began with a post against Mannu Karki, Host for Nodwin Gaming, by not so known player Rushant Malhotra who goes by the name Hertz who was the face of a controversy which started on Elite Off-Topic India 
Mannu 'kRaT' Karki and his lobby mates were alleged (which later proved to be true) to have used abuses, rape threats and threats in general directed at Rushant 'Hertz' Malhotra, someone who wasn't even in the match, which was a Mirage map played out on popular Indian platform Sostronk. 
Mannu Karki was playing with Rohan Choudhary aka 'LandKarado', who goes by the name Darky was one of the most culpable, and he was the one who used words like "Nirbhaya" as addendum to rape threats to Rushant's family. And since then he has deactivated his Facebook account.
And second in complicity was Gaurav Sarup aka 'LostHope' upon investigation he and kRaT were found to be good friends on Facebook. 
He was also accompanied by Anuj Bhutani aka 'Bulls' on discord.

Mannu Karki was the main target of the community because he was the one who introduced Rushant's name in entire conversation, immediately following it up with a sequence of abuses. Even though he did not use the word 'Nirbhaya' what he said and wrote had identical connotation without the use of the word. 

Detailed info about incident : The Abhorrence and Culpability of Mannu Karki - NODWIN Personality for PUBG-M and CS:GO

Yesterday, since the allegations went viral on social media and had many well-known blogs post article regarding the controversy, they put Mannu Karki on probation till further investigation. It enlightened us on a potential ongoing investigation until it resulted in a harsher punishment for Mr Karki. The investigation later resulted in termination of Mr Karki from the organization effective immediately which was revealed in a post from NODWIN Gaming earlier today.

However the WhatsApp screenshot of a conversation between Rushant and Darky revealed either Bulls (Anuj Bhutani) or LostHope (Gaurav Sarup) leaked his name but it is still unclear who is the culprit and who revealed personal details of Rushant to the team.

Since we dont have any proof of who leaked the personal details of Rushant nor that if it was Bulls or LostHope, but demo recordings definitely suggest that personal details were leaked, privacy was breached. Hence, we urge Nodwin to further investigate into this malpractice.

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