PUBG Corporation forced to cancel 2020 PUBG Global Series COVID-19

COVID-19, or coronavirus, has forced the PUBG Corporation to cancel its PUBG Global Series. The decision does not come as a shock to many as PUBG Corporation was forced to "indefinitely postpone the first chapter of PGS 2020, PGS Berlin". The event organizers have canceled three other events (including the first leg which was to be held in Berlin).

However, this is not the end of the PUBG circuit for the year. In order to compensate for the cancellation of their live events, PUBG Corporation has decided to monetarily compensate teams that have qualified/ amidst the qualification process. The teams that have already qualified will receive  $20,000 each. The teams that have not qualified for the tournament yet, and qualify at a later date, will be given $20,000 when they qualify.

Additionally, the top 5 teams from PCL (PUBG Champions League) "will be rewarded with $20,000 each".  

Lastly, the teams which were supposed to be a part of the  Americas qualifier, which has been now postponed will see "$120,000 will be distributed to the 16 teams that made it to the final qualifier."  

Image via PUBG Corporation

However, this does not mark the end of competitive PUBG play for the foreseeable future. The PUBG Corporation has designed an online tournament called the PUBG Continental Series (PCS) for each and every region- Aisa, Aisa Pacific, Europe, and North America. There will be an even split of 2.4 Million dollars across all 4 regions.

There will also be a charity tournament called the PCS CHARITY SHOWDOWN which will be held in May. In the said tournament, "$100,000 will be distributed to participating teams based on their performance" and "The remaining $100,000 will be donated to a charity of the winning team’s choice"

The PCS tournament will see the return of the Pick'em challenge to add an extra element of spice for the viewers

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