The Abhorrence and Culpability of Mannu Karki - NODWIN Personality for PUBG-M and CS:GO

Not many have heard of the name Rushant Malhotra but the player that goes by the name Hertz was the face of a controversy that involves Mannu Karki, Host for Nodwin Gaming. The post first surfaced on Elite Off-Topic India and has quickly gained notoriety for the contents of the said post.

Mannu 'kRaT' Karki and his lobby mates are alleged to have used abuses, rape threats and threats in general directed at Rushant 'Hertz' Malhotra, someone who wasn't even in the same server, which was a Mirage map played out on popular Indian platform Sostronk. We at Jobless Freaks attempt to digress and present the truth to the readers and public, in general.

The Incident - An Overview

A few of Rushant's friends matched up against a lobby featuring Mannu Karki among others, who started hurling abuses at the them without any instigation from the other side. This continued throughout the map, with one of the players from the other side also contributing to the noise pollution. Mannu Karki and three other players found guilty of griefing were banned for 7 days by Sostronk. Sounds simple? Wait.

The Complicity of People Not Named Mannu Karki - Who Were They?

Before we delve into what Mannu Karki did, let us take note of who his teammates were and how they convoluted the entire conversation.

The first and arguably the most culpable user was someone who went by the name 'LandKarado', which we found out was Rohan Choudhary, who goes by the name of Darky in the Csgo Community. Rohan was one of the two people who used the word Nirbhaya as addendum to rape threats to Rushant's family, suggesting his relatives would face the same fate. Not only that, Darky was almost cocky in sending threats, even going to the extent of threatening to have Rushant and his family harassed by the police through his well-endowed father. Rohan Choudhary has since deactivated his Facebook account.

Second in complicity was someone who goes by the alias 'LostHope', who was a bit difficult to identify. But, his Faceit account linked to his Steam ID was a dead giveaway, with his Twitter link present on the popular platform. LostHope was identified as Gaurav Sarup. Upon investigation of his Faceit account and Facebook, he was found to be a good friend of Mannu Karki and often played with Anuj Bhutani, who goes by the alias Bulls. We will get to Bulls a bit later in the article. LostHope also mentioned Nirbhaya and suggested the same but was less in-their-face about the entire situation, all while still maintaining an aggressive stance and his habit of hurling abuses at every opportunity of all-talk. 

One of the players in Mannu Karki's team, AstroLust, was actually a friend of the opposing team and was also the subject of abuses from Karki & co. One of the players from the other side, alias sanjikun, was also rightly banned after he lashed out angrily and partook in the entire situation after being instigated by Karki & co. 

Why is Mannu Karki being targeted?

Not many realised through the proof presented on the community groups but after a careful digression, we saw that Mannu Karki, playing with the alias DesiDalla, was the one who introduced Rushant's name in the entire conversation, immediately following it up with a sequence of abuses.

Granted, Mannu Karki did not use the word Nirbhaya. But, does it really matter? What he said and wrote had identical connotations without the use of the word. Issuing rape threats, threats related to physical harm and suggesting professional harm is worthy of indictment for a public personality like Mannu Karki.

The proof is in the pudding and in this case, in the videos and chats presented by Rushant, who extracted the same from VOD of the match. You can see it for yourself here, provided you have a subscription on Sostronk.

Mannu Karki is a popular figure and currently, a prominent host and a regional language (Hindi) caster of PUBG-Mobile and as a result, is followed by a lot of kids, who look up to the NODWIN host due to the mass youth appeal of the said esports.

What he says, writes and does in the public eye has a damning effect, not only on his followers but also on the image of the corporation and esports disciplines he is associated with. The trivialization of rape and rape fantasies done in the said match is a damning evidence of a degenerative behaviour, which is prevalent to an extent in the csgo community.

The Potential Indictment of Anuj Bhutani and NODWIN

What does this mean for NODWIN apart from the fact that one of their employees has allegedly partaken in an activity that amounts to a potential criminal charge? Let us take a closer look.

Rushant had a conversation with one of the accused we mention above, Rohan Choudhary, on WhatsApp. Upon being asked as to how he and others knew about Rushant, who wasn't even in the same match, Rohan said that it was one of LostHope or Anuj 'Bulls' Bhutani, who had provided them the relative information. Rohan also said that all of them were present in the same discord channel, which further raises questions as to how Bulls let all this happen. But, we will dig deeper into how he has a bigger role.
Upon further investigation from Rushant himself, it was discovered that he had once chosen to be a volunteer in one of the events conducted by NODWIN and was asked to fill out his details for the same back then. Being the only one among the people in the aforementioned discord channel who had access to those documents and information, it could be Bulls who provided the information, since LostHope doesn't know him and has never struck a conversation with him on a personal level, which would lead to the detailed level of information that the other team mentioned while hurling abuses.

This potentially amounts to an information breach or leak at a corporate level and is punishable in the eyes of law.

To note, they knew Rushant's name, city and locality without the user being in the same match.

Update: Anuj 'Bulls' Bhutani is proved not guilty after more investigations.
Detailed post: Krat's controversy - Victim apologizes to NODWIN Gaming

The Aftermath

In the very beginning, Mannu Karki claimed the entire post as fake on his Instagram story before a swift U-turn and ultimately, posting a public apology. NODWIN have since come out with an announcement, stating that Mannu Karki has been put on probation till the ongoing investigation is concluded.

The Apology Dissection

Mannu Karki apologised. But, upon greater inspection, did he? In his apology post, he initially writes that the statements made were done in his personal capacity. Duh? This is a direct admission of him saying all that is alleged.

He follows it up with comments that he did not make 'those extreme statements'. What? Didn't you admit just before? But, okay. Let's move forward.
Then he admits that his language was derogatory towards Rushant and his family and apologizes for the same. What? Tis Confusion and Convolution. What exactly do you mean, Mannu Karki? There is proof of you sending rape threats and that of potential physical and professional harm towards Rushant.

Are you implying that threatening someone of forcibly entering their home and forcing themselves upon the females of their family in front of their father are not extreme statements?

I would say this is the sort of apology that has become very prevalent in accused rapists, harassers and several other criminals, where they apologise for their behaviour while denying the allegations in the same statement or stating their belief that they did not do something as extreme as suggested. This majorly leads to them clearing their image and consience without ever completely admitting to the said allegations.

The NODWIN Reaction - Is it Ideal?

NODWIN has put Mannu Karki on probation. But, is it enough? Their statment enlightens us on a potential ongoing investigation but until it results in a harsher punishment for Mr. Karki, the community outrage will have been futile and things will return to normal soon enough. 

If Mr. Karki doesn't face serious charges or damages as a result of what the evidence suggests, this would only lead to a widespread belief that NODWIN is encouraging toxicity, harassment and rape threats. Not to mention it would empower other players; casual and pro; young and old; CSGO and other games; to start or continue using such threats, which in turns trivializes the crime that is molestation.

The JFreaks Conclusion

Just because Mannu Karki did not use the word Nirbhaya to suggest the rape threats, he thinks he did not say or write anything extreme, all while using the same connotations that Nirbhaya stands for right now in India. 
Mannu Karki is complicit in our eyes and has done something which is inexcusable for a personality like him, especially one whose voice is heard by the youth. He deserves the same level of cyber policing as the ones who suggested a Nirbhaya-level treatment of Rushant and his friends' family members.

But, this highlights a flaw in our societal norms. Why do rape threats need a name or an identity on it for it to be taken seriously? Isn't the threat of rape itself enough? The truth is society turns a blind eye towards these potentials until it is embodied in the form of a name, case or in India, hundreds and thousands every year. Then, there is outrage and marches in support of the victim.

Why does the threat of public, physical and mental humiliation need to be suggested along with a name for it to be taken seriously? Mannu Karki represents the people in our society who freely use words like rape and think it's not extreme because they didn't suggest a Nirbhaya-level treatment.

So, Rushant is supposed to be feel thankful that Mannu Karki only suggested rape and not deathly mutilation of the body of his sister and mother?

The CSGO community needs to see Mannu Karki's case being set as an example that it is not okay to trivialize rape and rape fantasies.  It should not be a term commonly heard in PUGs on Sostronk, let alone any platform, form of matchmaking and discipline of esports.

The community doesn't need probation and investigation. It needs action from NODWIN. 

Note: The entire incident was narrated to us by the victim Rushant Malhotra, we have voiced his concerns after examining the proofs he provided.

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  1. They Should be Punished By Law and the threat and all incident happen i think Nodwin should take big action this small action will never pay off and person like krat should be fired from the company ez


  2. The action taken from NODWIN's itself is an of fence probation? That guy should not be working with them anymore. Had it been any other firm / organization he would have be terminated on basis of the accusation alone, but here the proofs have been provided too. Do we call that an apology? Just because I didnt use the word you should forgive me? So the word rape is OK? Nodwin? Kys for real.