Rainbow Six Siege Operation Steel Wave: All you need to know

As fans gear up for Operation Steel Wave, the Second Season of Year 5, Ubisoft has revealed certain details about the next operation. This article tells you all you need to know about the new operation.

Image via pcgamesn.com
According to the Year 5 Roadmap, we will be seeing two new operators, a rework to House- one of the most iconic maps in Seige. Additionally, the season will give us one arcade event and a Battle pass. 


From the teaser revealed today, the attacker is called Ace and the defender has been named Melusi. The attacker, Ace, is predicted to be a hard breacher or a breacher, as evidenced from the lines, "There is no chasm too wide, no wall too thick, that will stop me from bringing you home". Additionally, it has been rumored that the attacker will be able to breach through the steel beams which are between floors- creating destruction similar to what was witnessed in the Grand Larceny event.

Next up, the defender, Melusi, is expected to have some sort of echolocation ability-which can be seen in the teaser posted on the Rainbow Six Official Twitter account. The ability can be compared to Pulse's cardiac scanner or EE-ONE-D.

Elite Skins:

Leaker accounts have revealed that the first Elite of the season will be given to Echo- who's animation will have an anime vibe to it. The leaked animation can be seen in the video below

The second Elite skin could be the Zofia Elite skin which has been leaked by hackers for a long while. The animation for the same can be seen below .

The full reveal of Operation Steel Wave will be on Monday, May 18 at 12 PM EDT, which translated to 9:30 PM IST on the same day, on the official Rainbow Six Twitch Channel

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